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    lobo369 Newbie

      I need to generate e dynamic query with parameters from a CSV file.


      I'm using FuseSource ESB 4.4.1-fuse-03-06.





      My problem is that SQL component no detect the Arraylist body and throw an exception with invalid column type.


      If I only set one parameter as body and only one parameter in que query I don't have any problem but how I can define a list of parameters.



      Into ProcessTransaccion bean I have the next code:


      List l= new ArrayList();







      in.setHeader("CamelSqlQuery", query);          



      Somebody have an example to set list of parameters into de body ?


      Thanks in advanced.


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          Claus Ibsen Master

          Your query, select * from dual, do not have any query parameters. And therefore the message body is not used.


          The code will convert the message body to an iterator, which for a List type will walk each element in the list.


              Iterator<?> iterator = exchange.getIn().getBody(Iterator.class);

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            lobo369 Newbie

            Thank You for your answer davsclaus.


            The problem wasn't the query, because as I said above, It is set into the "process" overrriding the configuration of the route.


            The problem was with "date" parameters. I had to change "date objects" by Strings.