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    NPE on Karaf install

    nicolas duminil Master



      I'm using an open-source named Kettle to perfrom transformations and I would like to use it in Camel routes deployed on Karaf. In order to do that I need to deploy Kettle on Karaf.


      The Kettle artifacts are in maven repository and I can use them in stand-alone classes, not deployed on any server.


      So I thought that I could deploy these artifacts on Karaf but the install commands fails, as shown below:


      karaf@root> osgi:install -s mvn:pentaho.kettle/kettle-core/4.2.0-stable



      The mentioned jar is not an OSGi bundle but I thought that using the mvn: wrapper all the required conversions are done. Is that correct or this is not a good approach ?


      Many thanks in advance.




      P.S. I had to register this issue twice as, for some reason, the first time it didn't work. I appologize in advance if there will be duplicates.

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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          Though wrap should work, especially when you append OSGi metadata header instructions with wrap, we don't recommend to use wrap especially in production. We suggest you use maven-bundle-plugin or bnd tool to generate a bundle to make this jar OSGi friendly.



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            nicolas duminil Master



            Many thanks. I can't use maven plugin as it is a binary that I have to install on Karaf and this binary doesn't come with OSGi bundles. Of course, I could build from sources but I think that bnd approach would be easier. I'll have a look at it but I thought that using bnd is equivalent to use wrap. At least this is what the documentation states.


            But okay, I noticed that this is not recommended in production.


            Kind regards,