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    URI Annotation


      I try to use the new Fuse IDE for the last couple of days and noticed a disadvantage in trimming the URI of each element. In my opinion, a graphic symbol and the URI should be loosely coupled and URI should be resizable.


      Such a small suggestion that I think can improve the use of the Fuse IDE.




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          We love feedback on the IDE. Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of what you have in mind. This makes it very obvious for us to know where the improvement is, you are looking for.

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            I would assume its the GUI editor of Fuse IDE, but it also has runtime perspective, and profiling etc.


            And there ought to be a tooltip as well, that wont cut the length of the text. But maybe the tooltips can be improved as well, if something is missing, or can be made more clear etc.

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              Sorry for late reply and unclear comment. As you can see in attached screen there is cutted URI of file endpoint. I think this graphical symbol should be at least resizable or text annotation should be detached from graphical symbol.




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                A preference-setting where you can disable the URI/label cutting, so you can see the whole URI/label when you export routes for documentation. That would mean different sizes of the graphical elements, and so not just a tiny change. A better alternative may be to be able to change the size of the individual graphical elements.


                The cheap alternative is to increase the size of the elements, and having two text lines for the URI.


                If you primary use Fuse IDE as a design tool, and not for documenting routes, this may not be an issue to you.


                I prefer developing the routes in a TDD way using the java DSL, so maybe I should just use a generic grapical editor for documenting the routes.

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