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    Making decisions in the ESB / Workflow / Mediation space


      We have been evaluating different available technologies in

      this space for a large project.  The project, at its core, is a need

      to orchestrate web services (sync and async). The enterprise needs involve the

      ability to move large digital files globally, along with metadata related to those files. 


      We have found it difficult to really evaluate different ways of implementing this, other than

      looking at high level features published by various projects / products / etc.


      It's seems that without doing a somewhat involved POC using a few chosen platforms, we really won't

      have the information / experience that we need to make a good decision on which pieces to use.

      Add in the cost of various support licenses vs. no licenses, etc, etc, and things get even more cloudy.

      This seems to just be the nature of the beast.


      So after some time spent looking at different options I am left with a few questions that perhaps some experts

      here could shed some light on.  Or set me straight if I'm completely off base.


      We started down the road that we wanted to use BPEL (because it's a standard) to implement the workflow that

      ties the services together.  However, it seems that all the java based BPEL products out there use apache ODE

      under the covers.  From what I can gather, ODE doesn't really support calling REST services from a workflow.

      Looks like something that is under consideration for a future release:




      That means that if we go the BPEL route, we need to then use some type of ESB product so that we can proxy the REST services

      from the esb with a wsdl.  Correct? (which defeats the whole purpose of REST)


      As alternative #1, use Mule/WSo2/ServiceMix(FuseSource) - implementing the workflow in manner supported by each:

                Mule: homegrown?

                WSo2: based on synapse

                Service Mix: Camel


      As alternative #2, use synapse or camel to implement the workflow on our own and deploy into Tomcat, adding pieces

      from alternative #1 if we need them.


      Do I sound like I'm in a rational spot for my three potential paths?  Are there large things I'm not considering?


      Any advice / thoughts are greatly appreciated.