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    Advice on using Axis 1,4...good idea or not?

    paul berry Newbie

      Hi All,


      I'm developing an integration solution which requires my route to consume an RPC/Encoded web service.  After wrestling with this for some time I've come up with a bundle which allows the development of an Axis 1.4 client in servicemix.  There were a few issues getting this going, notably I had to embed the axis dependencies in my bundle to workaround the Pax logging issue described here: http://team.ops4j.org/browse/PAXLOGGING-58.


      Everything seems to be working fine, however I thought it was worth asking if there's any specific reasons I shouldn't go down this route.  Is this something that FUSE would advise doing for RPC/Encoded web services or is there another approach (that doesn't require manually parsing hundreds of XML responses)?


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