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    Spring Dependency

    George de la Torre Newbie

      Just wondering, is the IDE still depended on Spring?


      If so, you should call this the Fuse Spring IDE, to make it clear that it's Camel/Spring environment.


      Why you impose other heavy frameworks, is Camel not lean and standalone?


      Hope FuseSource one day can be agnostic and standards based and not impose us to use your personal choices of "other" frameworks...



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          Claus Ibsen Master

          Fuse IDE is a tool for developers to help them build integration solutions.

          The editor has many features which you can read about on the website.


          And no it does not force any dependencies on your projects.


          You can use the tool to develop pure Java applications, Scala applications, Groovy applications, OSGi Blueprint, OSGi Spring-dm, spring applications, and so forth.


          The GUI editor supports visual drag/drop for

          - spring XML

          - spring-dm XML

          - OSGi Blueprint XML


          Maybe that's what you think about? You can use it to develop eg OSGi blueprint instead.

          And the tool has a lot more to offer than just the visual drag n drop.

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            George de la Torre Newbie

            Sorry for the late response, anyway back to looking at this IDE again. So, the IDE only supports visual design for Spring with drag and drop. Thus, it generates XML, not Java syntax, need to check it out again.


            I'm looking to extend Camel for healthcare specific integration, for instance, HL7 messaging, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks.


            Typically, hospitals, clinics, public health organizations, research centers, etc, uses specialized Healthcare tools to support messaging. Currently, the only open source tool is Mirth, http://www.mirthcorp.com/, it's become popular, However, as integration complexity increases, Mirth runs out of steam and requires heavy JavaScript and/or Java extensions.


            I've looked into Talend for healthcare tooling, but it's API is messy and seems more like a Frankenstein design.


            Is there an Fuse IDE for developers trail, understand this is not an open source tool for others to extend?



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              Claus Ibsen Master

              The visual drag/drop editor currently supports XML only, which is

              - Spring XML

              - Spring-DM XML

              - OSGi Blueprint XML


              The tool may in the future support generating source code for other DSLs in the future.


              But most people can within short time understand the Camel DSL source code easily, and the visual drag/drop editor is less important.


              Fuse IDE does not currently have any special tooling targeted for the healthcare industry. There is though a camel-hl7 component.



              And I used to work in this industry so I am also aware of Mirth, and some of the commercial vendors with their SOA tooling.


              But I will take a lightweight framework any day over these products. But this is my personal opinion.