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    XSD import fails



      I use imported XSD which contains another importet XSD in the cxfbc-consumer.

      I thing, the definitions are correct.

      But there is a WARNING in the log and the message validations for this endpoint take no effect.

      The ServiceMix treat the schema as invalid and uses it not.


      I can see in the log, that the both XSD files are merged to one from apache.xercs.

      But the from xerces merged schema seems not to be correct, because it uses a prefix gin with namespace, to that is no schema definition available.


      The wsdl definition of the endpoint contains only import of the document.xsd, but the elements from this xsd are not used, because the message content is represented with xs:any element. ServiceMix uses than the schema for the message validation, if the schema is correct (but it is not so).


      What is wrong? The schema definition? The xerces implementation? Or FuseESB configuration?


      The log with the error message and with the merged schema see result.log.

      The imported schema see gin_to_import.xsd.

      The document schema see document.xsd.

      Part of the wsdl see wsdl_part.wsdl.



      Radomir Kadlec



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