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    JVM Options & Maven Proxy URL not set when creating new container from FMC

    Alain SAINT-SEVER Newbie



      Some issues with container creation:


      - I wanted to change default Xmx value for child containers (seems to be set to 512m by default, don't find where does this value come from. Not from ZooKeeper afaik) but the JVM options (I entered -Xmx256m or Xmx256m) are not taken into account. The instance.properties file in instance folder always contains the following options: item.1.opts=-server -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote -Dzookeeper.url\="P198829\:2181" -Xmx512m.


      - Same thing regarding the Maven Proxy URL: no matter the URL I provide, I cannot find it in the container settings.


      Am I missing something?