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    ActiveMQ and REST API withTopics

    Olivier Ziller Newbie



      I've already post in "General Question", but I was advised to re-post here, so :


      I've a Camel project sending messages to ActiveMQ (5.5.1) topics, and I want to retrieve those messages using the REST API provides by ActiveMQ because I've clients who need to punctually retrieve messages (not a continuous connection).


      but when I send the REST query, I get no message.


      I'm sending this :

      wget "http://localhost:8161/demo/message/topicTest?type=topic&clientId=c1&durableSubscriptionName=cname1"

      The subscriber not even appear in ActiveMQ/Subscribers manager.


      So, my question, is it possible to get message from topics using REST api and durable subscription ?

      Or, is it the right way but something's missing/wrong ?


      Kind regards.