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    Best Practices configuring Active MQ on Software cluster

    Frank Erbsen Newbie



      I'm currently planning to realize high availability of an Active MQ broker instance through the use of a Pacemaker HA resource manager on a Debian Linux system. I'm currently using Active MQ 5.5.1.


      1. Are there any tips, tutorials, best practices, common mistakes on how to setup Active MQ high availability with Pacemaker?

      2. Is the failover transparent to the Active MQ clients? How do they act in the time of failover?

      3. What is the basic idea to check whether the Active MQ broker instance is running or not - is this done via process monitoring or are there other possibilities?

      4. How long does it need to perform the failover?

      5. Is it possible to perform a failback?


      I decided to realize Active MQ HA on basis of a software cluster instead of Shared Master/Slave configuration because when using Master/Slave the IP of the broker system and therefore the connection

      parameter for the client changes. Sadly SAP PI acts as a Active MQ client and doesn't fully support the failover protocol.


      Thanks in advance for any help!