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    Dynamic Failover & Apache.NMS.activeMQ 1.5.5 issue

    bruno banchi Newbie



      Our goal is to use a network of brokers with failover and dynamic discovery (production environment will have around 100 brokers).


      So we have configured 2 CentOS virtual machine for test:

      - vmware vsphere 4.1

      -CentOS 6 32bits (AQsrv1 & AQsrv2)


      -Fuse Message Broker v5.5.1 (see activemq.xml configuration at the end)


      We have developed a NET4.0 application (Producer & Consumer) using:

      -Apache.NMS 1.5.0

      -Apache.NMS.activeMQ 1.5.5


      If I use the following URI to connect: activemq:failover://(tcp://AQsrv1:61616,tcp://AQsrv2:61616)?transport.randomize=true&transport.startupMaxReconnectAttempts=0&transport.timeout=2000&nms.AsyncSend=true

      -> when I stop the activeMQ process on AQsrv1: the failover works fine and application continue to send/consume messages on AQsrv2.


      Now If I use the following URI:


      -> when I stop the activeMQ process on AQsrv1: the failover seems to not work anymore and my application is not able to connect to AQsrv2 automatically.


      As I'm supposed to received a list of brokers (so AQsrv2) from AQsrv1, so question is: is NMS API takes care of this or do I need to code something on the client side?


      Thanks for your help,




      activemq.xml on both servers