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    How to configure external web service as service endpoint in FUSE

    Sarfaraj Sayyad Newbie

      I am newbie to Fuse ESB. I need to demo external web service as service endpoint in FUSE.


      Following are the things I need to demo.

      1) I Have 2 sample cxf web services running on Apache tomcat (apache-tomcat-7.0.23).

      Which is accepting string as a input and return the same with some additional string.


      2) One of the web service (say sourceWebSvc) is one endpoint(entry) in Fuse ESB which accept the string from SOAP UI.


      3) Add one filter on that particular string for some condition and passed that string finally to next endpoint which is another web service (Say targetWebSvc). and print that output to console/log.


      Please give me some sample/suggestions on the same.


      FYI: my web service address