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    Banging my head on the table: openjpa, camel-jpa, mysql 5.5. and fuse esb 4

    Michael Grom Newbie

      Dear forum,


      it's fuse esb 4.4.0-fuse-00-61 to be precise. The issue is-I'm not getting the openjpa + mysql to work right...I would not be surprised if everything, including my camel-spring route, is now so messed up that I can as well start from scratch - if openjpa ever worked inside the container. It all started with being able to use the camel-spring idempotent message with jpa. And mysql. I've used the maven felix plugin to convert everything into a bundle,...messed with dynamic imports... and there is no complete example on how to deploy a route into fuse esb that is making use of jpa. About to lose my confidence in smx/fuse esb except for the simplest tasks...


      If there is anybody out there who actually got openjpa to work with fuse esb 4.4.0 (or do I have to upgrade? Our admins will be mad at me), please share your knowledge with me.