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    Virtual topics in camel / activemq

    paul berry Newbie

      I'm having some problems with virtual topics in Fuse ESB.  From the (little) documentation I've been able to find, all I need to do to use a virtual topic is to send messages to it using the following naming convention:




      and consume the messages using:




      However, if I monitor the created queues (using the activemq web console) I just see two separate queues (VirtualTopic.mytopicname and

      Consumer.myconsumername.VirtualTopic.mytopicname) whch don't seem to have any linkage between them.  IE: messages pushed into 'VirtualTopic.mytopicname' just sit in that queue and don't get consumed by the consumer or moved into the 'Consumer.myconsumername.VirtualTopic.mytopicname' queue.


      So, what am I doing wrong here?  I'm sure it's something incredibly obvious...