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    How to call JBI endpint from cxfbc interceptor?



      can I call some JBI endpoint (defined as route in camel:context) from Java interceptor attached to cxfbc:inInterceptors?



      When not, how can I integrate my custom EIP pattern in ServiceMix?


      My usecase:

      I need to validate some part of custom SOAP header using camel for ldap connection.

      When the header isn't correct (no ldap entry for userid found), the cxfbc:consumer shall return soap fault.


      I tried to use many EIP patterns, but:

      - wire-tap listener can not return fault

      - content-enricher can not handle inOut MEPs

      - static-routing-slip used to calling camel removes message headers stored as custom message parameter, so the destination cxfbc-provider endpoint becomes no security headers and the authentization in the legacy system fails.

      - own EIP component: I tried to create own EIP component as modification of wire-tap. But I can not find any example, how to integrate this own EIP component in ServiceMix.


      I use apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-06-03 in OSGI deployment.


      Thank you for any tips.



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