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    How to write and deploy own EIP endpoint

    Radomír Kadlec Newbie


      how can I deploy my own JBI endpoint for my own EIP (enterprise integration pattern)?

      I will write the EIP in Java extending the abstract EIPEndpoint class.

      Is somwhere an example or explanation, how to write and deploy own JBI endpoints of EIP type?


      I created and implemented my EIP endpoint, that is WireTap like. I used the WireTap.java souce as example for me.

      But how can I deploy it to use it in my ServiceMix Spring configuration?


      I found nothing about it in the ServiceMix documentation. There is only how to make EIP endpoints as collection of another EIP endpoints, all configured in Spring, nothing implemented in Java.


      I use apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-06-03 and OSGI deployment.


      Thank You for any tips.



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