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    What version of features.xsd is part of Fuse ESB 7?

    aarong Newbie

      Was a bit confused as I saw there looks to be features.xsd 1.0 & 1.1 out there (http://karaf.apache.org/xmlns/features/).


      Was curious which ones used which version..can't seem to find a definitive answer on the site (the provisioning HTML pages says 1.0).  It looks like 1.0 is still only being used...however, i see talk about the start=false, which isn't in 1.0


      Just trying to make sure I got the right version.  I am using Fuse 7, which currently is sitting at Karaf 2.2.5, so..it's just old enough to possibly be using the 1.0 version..but, not 100% sure.


      Also, is there a place in the ESB directories where I can look?  some where under etc?



      Thanks in advance,



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