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    Creating secure restful web service in service mix for login authentication

    shachi shachi Newbie



      I have created a restful webservice which can be invoked using GET, by passing parameters in Url.

      can anyone pls let me know if securing restful webservices is supported by service mix?

      I am new to service mix & web service world..which is the better way to go for login authentication using restful v/s soap?

      I need to have my webservice do login authentication..any app should be able to call the webservice and pass

      the user credentials to webservice in secure way & inturn webservice should be able to decrypt the user name & password and

      do the authentication further using jaas...any sample examples of creating and invoking secure webservice

      that do login authentication in apache-servicemix  4.4.X.X..

      appreciate if any example help provided.