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    Problem with DeclarativeServices meta generation out of SCR annotations.

    Andriy Baranetskyy Newbie

      We are using the latest version of Fuse IDE to build a simple project where DeclarativeServices framework is used with org.apache.felix.scr.generator v1.1.4 for the component to be declared with use of annotations.


      We are using next URL as an example: http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-maven-scr-plugin-use.html


      The problem with pom.xml we can not resolve:


      Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.felix:maven-scr-plugin:1.7.4:scr (execution: generate-scr-scrdescriptor, phase: process-classes)


      line 66

      Maven Project Build Lifecycle Mapping Problem


      I have attached pom file (and relevant parent pom).


      We tried to clean project / refresh project / updated dependencies: no help.


      It looks like something stupidly simple we are missing here....

      Please help!