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    Problem Applying XSLT to SOAP Faults from CXF (payload) Producer

    gatredknee Newbie

      I've set-up a route that consumes simple XML and produces SOAP messages using CXF (dataFormat=payload).  I use XSLT to translate between the simple XML and the SOAP XML.  It works as expected for successful SOAP messages, but I'm having trouble with failures.  I'd like to be able to use XSLT to translate the SOAP Fault to simple XML, but CXF is returning an instance of its own SoapFault class in the exchange properties rather than a SOAP Fault as the body.


      Is there a simple way to set-up the route such that I can use XSLT to translate the CXF response to simple XML (e.g., to configure CXF to return the raw SOAP Fault as body payload)?