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    How to do an asynshronous web service call to a camel route.

    Kavita Mohite Newbie

      I have a camel route that's invoked by a web service call. Here I wanted to know how I can do the web service call asynchronously.

      Following is the route:




      b. At line 4, the input xml is converted to string.


      c. At line 5, the the input xml is split on device list and this is fed to the processor dlcAppProcessor (line 10). This processer does some processing  for each device.


      d. At line 12, the processor transformProcessor aggregates the output of all the devices and saves it for the next endpoint.


      e. At line 14,15,16 the aggregated information is sent to other system using a web service call.


      Here the operations from line 4 onwards  (after the input is received) are time consuming and hence I do not want the web service client to wait for the web service call to return after completing the entire flow. I want the the web service call to return immediately after I receive the input xml and let remaining processing continue asynchronously.

          I wanted to know how I can achieve this using asynchronous web service call ?


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