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    using the debugging features with existing routes

    Marco Westermann Newbie



      is it possible to use the FuseIDE debugging features with existing bundles deployed into fuseide.


      I already have several bundles which are working in fuse esb enterprise 7.0.0. But I'm not able to debug the messages with fuseide 2.1.462


      The routes in my bundles use the java dsl. I started fuseesb from within fuseide. The jmx explorer also shows the fuseesb instance and I can connect to it.


      What is not working is:

      • when I right click a context in jmx explorer I have no option to activate tracing. The context menu only shows a refresh option


      • When I activate tracing using jconsole and select one of the traced routes in jmx explorer, the message view in fuseide stays empty although I can see tracing in the log file.


      best regards, Marco