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    Creation of lots of hidden cache files on bundle creation

    Alexandre Neubert Newbie



      I have a problem regarding hidden cache files which are created when deploying) OSGI bundle in a loop.


      My application:

      - My application is one OSGI bundle (called root-bundle) which creates other bundles on the fly (called child-1, child-2, ...), packages them and deploys them on the same servicemix instance

      - The child bundles are apache camel routes using Spring-DL (these bundles perform very simple treatments)

      - To deploy/undeploy the child bundles, the root bundle uses the bundle API (bundle start/stop is performed programmatically)


      My Scenario:

      - I have a test which makes the root bundle create a lot of child bundles and deploy them.


      My problem:

      - I noticed that Servicemix creates a lot of hidden cache files in the directory apache-servicemix/data/cache/org.eclipse.osgi directory. These cache files are named

      .state.x, .lazy.x and .bundledata.x where x is a number (these files are binary, so I cannot read them).

      - Unfortunately, these cache files are quite big (around 1Mo each) and when I run the test over a long period, I run short on disk space (5GB filled in a few hours).


      My configuration:

      - I am using apache-servicemix-4.3.1-fuse-01-09, Spring 3.0.5, Camel 2.6.0 on Linux


      Now my questions:

      - Is it normal that ServiceMix creates those files?

      - If yes, what are these files and whet information do they contain?

      - Is there a way to prevent ServiceMix from creating them (like a configuration)?




      Thanks a lot for any support