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    Fuse ESB Enterprise : Modifying the camel-smpp component

    Justin Blandford Newbie



      I've made some local changes to the camel-smpp project to extend the SubmitSm process to accommodate extra parameters.  I downloaded the project from Github at https://github.com/apache/camel/tree/trunk/components.  However, I need to test the changes in Fuse (which is currently running with version 2.9) so need to get the FuseSource version.  Could anyone tell me where to download the FuseSource Enterprise ESB source code in order to make the modifications?  I have looked at the link on this site (http://fusesource.com/forge/) which has a Fuse ESB option but not a Fuse ESB Enterprise option?  Also, when I try to download from Github I'm prompted for a username/password although the document suggests that you can download anonymously?


      I also looked at https://github.com/fusesource/fuse.git on GitHub but can't seem to locate the camel-smpp module?