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    EJB Select not working

    stscit04 Newbie


      I have 2 CMP Beans that have a 1-1 relationship
      Merchant and MerchantPartnerContract. I need to find
      all Merchants that dont have a contract, and to get their
      Ids. I trie to do this using the ejb-select

      SELECT m.id FROM Merchant AS m WHERE m.merchantPartnerContract IS NULL

      JBoss deploys it, but when I call the method, I get the following Exception

      Find failed: java.sql.SQLException: General error message from server: "
      Unknown table 't1_m_merchantPartnerContract' in where clause";

      The table is indeed unknow because it doesnt exist on the database...

      I am running Jboss 3.2.2, Mysql 4.0.14 and mysql connector 3.0.16

      Thanks in advance for any suggestion,