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    Getting  the BundleContext instance in Soap Web Service class (cxf jaxws)

    shachi shachi Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have created soap webservice, auhenticatewebsevice(bundled as jar).

      I need to invoke the getUsers method of some other bundle ex: security(war bundle)..

      I have some of the classes of 'security' bundle exposed as osgi:service beans in that bundle. In my 'authenticatewebservice' , i need the bundleContext or other instance in the class, to get the reference for those beans so that i can invoke the getUsers() of 'security' war bundle..

      i tried referring those beas in my 'authenticatewebservice' bundle

      inside bundle-context-osgi.xml using  tag but no luck..It is giving nullpointerException..How to get the bundleContext instance in my soap webservice class.?.

      any help/example greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance..