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    Are BPEL or BPMN supported in Fuse IDE

    Serge Vilvovsky Newbie


      I am looking to integrate camel routes with BPEL or BPMN? Are those languages supported? Are any visual editors integrated for them? If not, what are the best way to do it?

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          The JBoss Tools have support for BPMN using the jBPMN project.


          The Fuse IDE editor is as I understand, going to be integrate so it can work with the JBoss Tooling.


          The upcoming Fuse IDE 3.0 has been improved to better support JBoss Tooling. I am not sure how far we got. But you may be able to install Fuse IDE as an Eclipse plugin on top of JBoss Tooling which has the BPMN support, with the upcoming Fuse IDE 3.0.