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    camel-jpa problem in osgi

    Jean-Yves Terrien Newbie


      I'm running (I've same problem in snx 4.4.1-fuse)

      - Karaf 2.2.2

      - Camel 2.8.1

      - Aries 0.3

      - OpenJPA 2.1.1



      I have an oracle datasource to which I go without problems in camel bundle via jdbc.

      I took the tutorial jpa2jms Christian Schneider's Blog

      I changed the file percistence.xml to use my oracle datasource


      I use blueprint, and my route is defined in a java routebuilder.

      my bundle starts but each one jpa poolling I get an exception.


      | WARN  | ms) thread #0 - jpa://net.lr.tutorial.karaf.camel.jpa2jms.model.Person | faultPollingConsumerPollStrategy |   56 | amel.camel-core | 2.8.1                | Consumer Consumer[jpa://net.lr.tutorial.karaf.camel.jpa2jms.model.Person?consumer.delay=2000] could not poll endpoint: Endpoint[jpa://net.lr.tutorial.karaf.camel.jpa2jms.model.Person?consumer.delay=2000] caused by: Could not perform automatic lookup of EJB container's javax.transaction.TransactionManager implementation. Please ensure that you are running the application from within an EJB 1.1 compliant EJB container, and then set the org.apache.openjpa.ManagedRuntime property to the appropriate value to obtain the TransactionManager.


      I do not understand where the problem come. I do not know in which direction to look.

      why jpa speaks EJB?

      thank you

      A + JYT



      Apache ServiceMix :: Specs :: Java Persistence API 1.4 (1.8.0)

      geronimo-el_1.0_spec (1.0.1)

      Spring JDBC (3.0.5.RELEASE)

      Commons DBCP (1.3)

      Apache ServiceMix :: Bundles :: ant (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: serp-1.13.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: openjpa-1.2.1 (

      Spring ORM (3.0.5.RELEASE)

      camel-jpa (2.8.1)

      Apache Geronimo JSR-317 JPA 2.0 Spec API (1.1)

      Aries JPA Container API (0.3.0)

      Aries JPA Container blueprint integration for Aries blueprint (0.3.0)

      Aries JPA Container (0.3.0)

      Aries JPA Container Managed Contexts (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries JNDI API (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries JNDI Core (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries JNDI RMI Handler (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries JNDI URL Handler (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries JNDI Support for Legacy Runtimes (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries Transaction Blueprint (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries Transaction Manager (0.3.0)

      Apache Aries Transaction Enlisting JDBC Datasource (0.3.0)

      Apache Derby 10.8 (10.8.2000002.1181258)

      Commons DBCP (1.4)

      OpenJPA Aggregate Jar (2.1.1)

      Tutoriel :: JPA 2 JMS (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)