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    Attachment of WS-Policy ,WS-Security policy on proxy webservice in FuseESB

    Amit K Newbie



      I am trying to do the following:


      Usecase: To apply a WS-Policy or WS-Security Policy on a proxy webservice in Fuse ESB.

      The important point is that Policy is stored in service registry e.g. WSO2RR, so it needs to be retrieved first. All this needs to be done at the design time of proxy webservice and not at run time


      My questions:


      Question1: Is it a correct approach or is there any better way ??

      i.e Should I be retrieving WS-policy or WS-Security policy from registry for applying them on proxy webservice at design time of proxy webservice.

      Question2: Any insights how to achieve this.


      Many thanks in advance for help.