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    How to dynamically configure the datasource name in camel-jpa  on fuseesb?

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      I have a problem with jpa on servicemix


      when my bundle starts, I created a route builder.

      In the constructor of the class, I ask a database to know the route definition to create.


      it is only at this point that I know the name of the datasource to use (already declared in osgi).

      I have to define jpa consumer who will use this base.



      But in the documentation and examples, the percistence JPA is defined in an XML file on bundle META-INF.


      I do'nt know how to tell jpa to use the datasource name that I have only on creation of the route builder.


      Can I leave the persistence.xml file in the bundle and change the name of the datasource in the road builder?

      or should I create a persistenceUnit on the road builder?


      and in both cases, how?


      I have it in my persistence.xml file:



      but I do not know what name is given to the datasource when starting the bundle




      public class MyRouteBuilder extends RouteBuilder {


         private String final MY_MODULE_NAME="logistique.livraison";


         protected ModuleConfig moduleConfig = null;


         public MyRouteBuilder() {



            //GetConfiguration from extenal config servivce

            moduleConfig = ConfigHelpper.getConfig(MY_BUNDLE_NAME);






        public void configureRoute() throws ExceptionOlympe {

          //how to use the value of moduleConfig.getInDatasource() in

          // jpa://my.domain.model.Livraison?consumer.delay=2000







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