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    No response found from route

    Gareth Healy Newbie

      I am testing a route, which i send in an object and get back an object. Its all test code so doesnt really do anything special. I have several tests, but 1 fails for an unknown reason. The one that fails is due to the exchange not returning a body - see below.




      Exchange exchange = createExchangeWithBody(request);

      exchange.getIn().setHeader("operationName", "register");


      Exchange exchangeResponse = template.send(exchange);

      RegisterResponse response = exchangeResponse.getOut().getBody(RegisterResponse.class);


      Assert.assertTrue(exchangeResponse.hasOut()); ##PASS

      Assert.assertNotNull(response); ##FAIL



      Am a bit confused by this, am sure its because i've done something very silly but cant see what it is. I've attached an example.




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