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    LDAP component in 2.8.0 versus 2.8.5

    Thomas Walzer Newbie



      we are using Fuse ESB and are trying to get the ldap component (with pagesize) working. It is working in camel 2.8.5ff (non Fuse ESB). It is not working in 2.8.0 which is included with the version of Fuse ESB we are using (hopefully the latest).


      Is there a way to get the fix back to camel 2.8.0? Or does one have to wait?






      Below: info+route


      smx@root> info


        Karaf version               2.2.2-fuse-07-11

        Karaf home                  G:\Programme\Produkte\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-07-11

        Karaf base                  G:\Programme\Produkte\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-07-11

        OSGi Framework              org.apache.felix.framework - 3.0.9.fuse-08-11



        Java Virtual Machine        Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM version 20.2-b06

        Version                     1.6.0_27

        Vendor                      Sun Microsystems Inc.

        Uptime                      1 minute

        Total compile time          2.108 seconds


        Live threads                123

        Daemon threads              70

        Peak                        123

        Total started               137


        Current heap size           59,504 kbytes

        Maximum heap size           506,816 kbytes

        Committed heap size         133,332 kbytes

        Pending objects             0

        Garbage collector           Name = 'Copy', Collections = 108, Time = 0.966 seconds

        Garbage collector           Name = 'MarkSweepCompact', Collections = 9, Time = 2.539 seconds


        Current classes loaded      8,982

        Total classes loaded        8,986

        Total classes unloaded      4

      Operating system

        Name                        Windows 2003 version 5.2

        Architecture                x86

        Processors                  4






      $</simple>             <log message="=== $"/>