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    Fuse bundles (FAB) support

    Jasdeep Newbie

      We have been trying to use Fuse bundles (FAB) instead of regular OSGi  bundle.

      We are using  Fuse ESB v4.3.1  that includes ServiceMix 4.3.1 and Karaf 2.1.3.



      But when we are trying to enable fuse-bundle in ServiceMix according to   documentation , It is not recognizing the url.

      We have added relevant repositories in the config file too.



      java.io.IOException: URL mvn:org.fusesource.fuse-project/fuse-project/7.0.0.fuse-061/xml/features could not be resolved. : mvn:org.fusesource.fuse-project/fuse-project/7.0.0.fuse-061/xml/features



      Next I tried to install fuse fabric in ServiceMix as described  here  

      But in vain, It results in following error:


      Exception caught while executing command

      java.lang.Exception: No feature named 'http' with version '2.2.5.fuse-7-061' available


      Is the documentation obsolete? How can we use Fuse bundle FAB  deployment, Is there any alternative resource to guide us with it.