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    Question related to policy and webservices on fuse ESB

    amit aggarwal Newbie

      In reference to one comment by Freeman in this user forum.

      I have been able to combine the following two examples and apply a ws-security policy(Username Token) on webservice in FuseESB and deploy it as OSGI bundle. Its up and running now which is good news. Thanks for that.


      a) samples/ws_security/ut_policy from Fuse SerivceFramework

      b) examples/cxf-ws-security-osgi from FUSE ESB 



      My only question now is that in my working sample both the policy(retrieved one time from registry i.e policy content has been retrieved from registry) and webservice are at FuseESB end which I don't want.  In case my policy file is stored in service registry how to apply that policy on proxy webservice in FuseESB with the conditon that changes in policy file at registry end should get reflected on applied policies on proxy webservice.

      All I want is that if there is any change in policy at registry side, it should get reflected at FuseESB side.


      If you can please comment on this particular aspect(i.e. changes in policy getting reflected at ESB end in auto mode), I would really appreciate. You can also comment if this is feasible ??



      Please let me know if my question needs more elaboration.