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    Fuse Fabric - Archictecture

    Alan Teodoro Newbie



      I have 2 servers (A and B), each one has 1 fuse-esb container and 1 mq container. I want to have them configured to have load balance, high-availability and failover.


      I have some questions:


      1) Do I need to have a third server with Fabric installed and have the containers joining the Fabric to provide this capabilities ? Then this server would be the single point of access and delegate to the other containers ?


      2) The services will be used by several consumers and will be internal to the network protected by a firewall. Do you think it i a good idea to have two more servers in a DMZ and have the web-services there acting as a proxy and invoking the camel routes in the private network ?


      Appreciate any comment on this archicteture.