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    jetty-activemq route performance



      I currently have an installation of Fuse Message broker running activemq 5.5.

      I have a few jms producers sending messages and the broker receives more than 10k non-persistent msgs per second and it is working fine.


      I have a few clients that can only fire http. So i have decided to build a camel route (jetty->mq) that the clients can fire to.

      Below is the details:





      jetty and activemq end point configuration snippet in blueprint context xml:


           mq route can indeed support this load.

      At this point i dont think cpu/memory/network is a bottleneck since jconsole indicates so, its high end linux m/c and supposedly tuned for high traffic. My route runs on one linux machine and fuse mq broker on another linux machine.

      I will be profiling to see bottlenecks. But i request users in this forum to point out any obvious mistakes and share tips for high load jettyj-mq route.


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