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    Need examples of setting up authentication for a web app in Fuse ESB 7.0.2

    Richard Welty Newbie

      i just moved the app we're building to version 7.0.2, and have managed to work through all the security issues and get everything working as well as it was before. however...


      i'd like to add basic authentication to our web console and am having trouble finding the right example of how to do it. we have the default authentication turned on for the karaf web console. our own console is at http://localhost:8181/backup-reporting-console/home

      (or whatever host name is appropriate in a deployment) and it doesn't seem like it ought to be hard to broaden the authentication wrapped around http://localhost:8181/system/console to cover our own as well, but i just can't find the example i need to show how to set that up.


      can anyone point me in the right direction here?