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    JAXB + Part classes + ProducerTemplate problem?

    jamie archibald Apprentice

      I have an WSDL which I used wsdl2java to produce the following data contract:


      class PositionReportList {


          List getPositionReports();



      and service contract:


      interface PositionReportService {


         PositionReportList getPositionReports();

         void sendPositionReport(PositionReportType reportPosition);




      The Web Service implementation is as follows. The service is deployed on ServiceMix using CXF and simply acts as proxy to activemq:



      class PositionReportServiceImpl {


         void sendPositionReport(PositionReportType reportPosition) {

            template.sendBody("activemq:topic:positionReport?jmsMessageType=TEXT", reportPosition);




      The problem with the above is that JAXB can't serialize the positionReportType and rather calls the toString() method.


      Normally in a camel route I would use the JAXBDataFormat class and set the PartClass such that It can serialize the object. For example:


      JAXBDataFormat dataFormat = ..






      My only option right now is to take that camel route and stick it in my service, but ideally I dont want to do this and would rather somehow tell the producerTemplate or JMS component how to marshal the object.


      Is this possible?