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    No implicit conversion to CxfPayload after velocity

    Vincent Mahe Newbie



      I use Fuse 7.0.2 in order to provide a SOAP endpoint via camel-cxf using the PAYLOAD mode with a velocity template.



      In version 4.4 of Fuse ESB, I needed to write my own String 2 CxfPayload converter.

      In version 7.0 of Fuse ESB, I only need to add a .convertBodyTo(org.w3c.dom.Node.class) in my route after the call to my velocity template (which returns a String). Otherwise, it is not able to generate the CxfPayload appropriately from what is returned from my velocity template.


      My question is the following :

      would it be possible to have an implicit appropriate conversion from String to CxfPayload in version 7 of Fuse ?

      This would be really interesting and simpler when using CXF with Payload mode and Velocity templates ...