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    IDE 100% CPU For a Very Long Time

    Marshall DeWitt Newbie

      I have the following system:

         7.3 GiB

         4 Processor AMD A6-3650 APU with Radeon

         799 GiB disk space available

      Running LinuxMint


      I downloaded Fuse IDE and executed. It comes up fine. I create a Fuse Project. Navigate to camel-context.xml:

         - If I attempt to open it. It opens and the sytem goes to 25% memory usage and 100% of 1 CPU with 0-25% usage on the other 3 and the IDE locks. This state remains for at least 15 minute (and I am sure more I just got tired of waiting).

         - If I remove the xml file it deletes fine. I then go to add it back the screen for the visual routing appears and then the above memory and CPU scenario starts all over again.