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    ws notifcation example in fuse esb 4.4.1

    Adu Kholkar Newbie

      I tried runing the WSN example given in the fuse esb 4.4.1 in examples/simple folder.

      I loaded the wsn.xml file and was able to view the wsdl of the service endpoint.


      However, when I tried sending requests using the client.html given in the example folder, it does not seem to work. I tired the following:

      1. Sent a request for Create Pull point

      2. Sent a notify message on the same endpoint.

      3.  Sent a request for getMessages.

      All I get is a 'Status OK' message for each request and no messages are dispalyed. I also sent a subscribe request by changing the topic  (topic for subscribe and notify are different in the example - so I changed them to be the same) but no luck.


      The log messages also do not seem to suggest anything.

      Has anybody tried this example? am I doing something wrong? Can someone please explain how to execute the WSN example