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    Process Management in Fuse Fabric

    Skanda Prasad Ganapathy Newbie

      As per the below link, Fuse Fabric supports Process Management.



      But i'm unable to find any commands related to "process:.." in my shell command list of my

      fabric container. Could someone pls let me know as to how I can download and install the process manager bundle in fuse fabric.

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          N David Brown Newbie

          You have to install the Process Manager bundle. I'm trying to achieve the same currently and have a related question  here.


          The documentation indicating the bundle is required can be found here - this is the link you yourself provided. You can tell you don't have it installed by running osgi:ls | grep process and seeing there's no reference to process-manager. This is a karaf shell command; all such commands can be found  here .


          It's also worth noting Process Manager is a FAB instead of a simple OSGi Bundle since it contains a Maven POM. This distinguishing feature is highlighted on  this page .