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    Mike Newbie

      I need to use JBoss-QL to write some EJB-QL statements that support aggregate functions like SUM, MAX, COUNT etc. and I?m badly stuck.

      I am currently using JBoss 3.2.2 which does not support EJB2.1 so I?m left with no choice other than using JBossQL for aggregate function in ejbSelect methods. I've read the whole chapter on the CMP Engine of the Administrator's Guide however I still cannot manage to deploy my application successfully.

      Can anybody kindly suggest some examples, documentation or resources on JBossQL? I need to understand what is expected in the ejb-jar file, and what should be put in the jbosscmp-jdbc file for the query to work. Also I'm unsure about the syntax differences between EJB-QL and JBossQL, as well as how to call the actual ejbSelect method from the Entity Bean to use the JBossQL method.