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    How to connect Fuse IDE Enterprise to Fuse ESB Enterprise?

    Li Li Newbie

      I installed Fuse ESB enterprise 7.0.2 and Fuse IDE Enterprise 7.0.2 on a windows 7 professional 32 bit machine. Both are 90 day evaluation copy downloaded from Redhat website.


      I couldn't connect from the IDE to the ESB server over SSH. The SSH configuration is:


      Host name:

      SSH port number: 8101

      user name: admin

      password: xxxx


      when i start the server from the IDE, I was asked to enter a password. but the IDE won't accept any password i set in the configuration. so i have to cancel the password window. as the result, the SSH authentication failed and I didn't get the ESB banner in the shell.


      I also tried to use telnet but it didn't work either.


      any help is much appreciated.