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    How to deploy a camel project to Fuse ESB

    Li Li Newbie

      i have created a camel-blueprint project using the default archetype and tested in the Fuse IDE Enterprise 7.0.2 using local camel context. The project prints log messages to the IDE console at a predefined interval.


      Question 1:

      I followed the instructions to deploy it to the Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0.2 on the same machine. But I am stuck at step 11 as I don't see "Fuse ESB " under JMX Explorer - it only shows Java Local Processes.




      Question 2:

      So i tried to deploy the project jar files without the IDE:

      1) copy the target/camel-blueprint-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to the Fuse ESB /deploy directory and start the ESB server

      2) start the ESB server and type command "install -s "


      in both cases, I can see the bundle was successfully loaded and running:

      A Camel Blueprint Route (1



      However, I don't see any output from the project, as when it was running inside IDE.