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    Discarding message from a VM endpoint when consumers are not available

    Lekan Omotayo Expert

      HI all,


      For sending messages across camel contexts, I typically use the vm because the alternative (Direct) does not work across camel contexts.


      The vm endpoint is doing a great job except that it will not be useful for certain transactional use cases. By design, the vm is such that the endpoints accepts requests even when the consumers are not active. And as such when the consumers become active, they can pick up messages and process them.


      This is really bad for a realtime payment transaction processing as the message provider to the vm endpoint woud have returned to its own client and responded with Downstream endpoint not being available, however when the consumer endpoint restarts, it goes ahead to process payment there giving a false impression.


      My question is, is there an option on the vm endpoint where one can explicit request for message to be discarded if there are no active consumer? If not, what are the alternative endpoint that can be used to send messagesa cross camel contexts.




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