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    CMP Audit Fields and <run-as> Problem

    Petros Petrou Newbie


      I have a stateless session bean talking to a CMP Entity Bean.
      I have declared a security domain and I am trying to use the
      created-by,updated-by etc audit fields of JBoss 4.0.0.

      My stateless bean cannot access the entity beans directly and
      uses a <run-as> configuration so an internal role is used.
      Internal role can access the entity beans only.

      Apparently the run-as configuration leads to all the audit entries
      (except the time ones) to be populated as anonymous!!
      If I remove the <run-as> configuration then the audit fields get
      populated correctly with the user that did the update.

      Is there a way to keep the <run-as> configuration and make the
      audit fields to be populated with the logged user?