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    feature with obr resolver attr and without it

    v b Newbie



      Can you please explain me the behaviour when I specify the feature like



      when I specify the (2) it seams like my bundles do not start

      but in (1) they start but I cannot control the order of bundle start with attr start-level, it seams like it skips the value of this attr



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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          With OBR resolver it can prevent to install  redundant bundles, so as you mentioned your bundle can't get installed with OBR resolver, most likely there's already a bundle installed in the OSGi container which can provide same package which  meet all the package resolve requirement already.


          And about the start-level, low start-level bundle get started first, but per the asyn nature of OSGi, it can't guarantee a bundle with low start-level can get fully up before a high start-level bundle. Honestly, your business logic which depend on the bundle start sequence isn't a good practice in OSGi container.


          If you really wanna a bundle start before another one, the only reliable way I know is bundleA expose an OSGi service and bundleB hold this OSGi service reference, so that can guarantee bundleA is fully up before bundleB.