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    Unable to download Fuse ESB

    Kyle Miller Newbie

      I'm attempting to download the Fuse distribution of Servicemix... but the login page directs me to log into RedHat and once logged in there, no download is available.


      I get a message saying:


      Thank you for your request. It appears that you have already activated an evaluation of Fuse ESB Enterprise , and your evaluation has now expired.



      Do I need an evaluation to download Fuse ESB?

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          gatredknee Newbie

          I have the same problem.  I'd signed-up at Red Hat earlier to get the 7.0.1/7.0.2 releases of ESB Enterprise.  I'd spoken with a Red Hat representative back then at the time about the "evaluation" period, and was told not to worry about anything expiring.  I sent email to that same representative yesterday asking about this problem but haven't yet received a reply.

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            Claus Ibsen Master

            The portal page has an issue currently with the download of the Fuse ESB. We are working internally to get this fixed, so the download wont expire for Fuse ESB.


            You can contact our support organization to have the account re-activated so your can access the portal download.

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              Kyle Miller Newbie

              Thank you for your replies (Gary and Claus).  I am glad to hear that it is a portal bug and not a licensing change.


              For what it is worth, when I spoke with Red Hat support, they told me that I would in fact need a subscription to be able to download any of the fusesource software.  They also directed me to email a sales contact at redhat, but I have not heard anything back from him yet.