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    How to treate two tables as a one table.

    asdff ghgdf Newbie

      Hi gurus,

      we got a table (user_table)holding user info and the number of records in the table were getting bigger and bigger.
      So we've separated it to two tables( user_table_0, user_table_1) because of the performance. ( Of course, both tables has the exactly same schema. )

      And now we want to make a CMP that treats both tables as a one table seemlessly.

      Is it possible to make it with only one CMP ?
      or Do we have to make two CMPs ?

      I think if the EJB-QL or JBOSS-QL(?) can take a table name dynamically, we can make it..

      Thanks in advance.

      Oracle has the functionality that represents two tables as a one table, but no luck...we use MySQL.